Meet the garden rose farm - "Feya Rozy"

"Feya Rozi" in translation from Russian is Rose Fairy.

Florance D'Alden from France, has fallen in love with Russia when she first visited Cherbourg as a child, since that time she was learning Russian. and in 1992 she moved and started her first business in Siberia.

Soon after that the idea came to build the greenhouse and grow perfumed, garden roses, not only it was one of the first greenhouses in Russia but that was the new product for the flower market. Up until now "FeyaRozy" remains the only one greenhouse in the country which grows garden, scented roses.

Greenhouse situated in Kaluga, this land, 200 km from Moscow has a good logistics both to Moscow and to the domestic airport. Together in greenhouse and in office in Moscow, the company employs 60 people. During the summer period, "Feya Rozy" sells up to 4,000 roses a day, in winter, roses grow more slowly, so production slightly decrease. It needs to be added that garden roses are fragile and mostly grown in Africa and Latin America and that is a pure magic they are grown in such a cold environment as Russia.

Florance D'Alden in greenhouse, photo taken by "Elle" , source:

Harvesting at the greenhouse


The market for garden roses is small,,but very high in price, Roses are being sold not only in Moscow, company sends flowers to St. Petersburg, Samara and far east of Russia.

"Yes, we expensive, but we have one hundred percent quality: in the package of 12 roses, all our 12 roses will be alive and unharmed. Half will not have to be thrown away, as it is often the case with ordinary flowers. Only at the expense of our quality we survive and develop further. " - Florance D'Alden for interview for "Kommersant daily", source

Inspection for pests

Quality check

Packaging in boxes for logistics to the regions in Russia

Packaging ensures all roses been checked for a quality standards of the company , flower buds been tied up so they can't move and be damaged during the transportation,, There are special boxes for air and road freight.

Greenhouse team with Florence

We would like to thank for the materials and photos "Feya rozy" team, official site



For my Russian clients, if you are interested in Feya Rozi assortment and prices, please let me know :)))

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