Tulip Trade Event

In The Netherlands, last week was held the most exciting flower event of the year - Open Days at the most famous and biggest tulip farms. Altogether participated eight biggest Dutch tulip breeders: P. Aker, Amsonia, Borst Bloembollen, Haakman Flowerbulbs, Holland Bulb Market, Nord Lommerse, P. Nelis and VWS Flowerbulb, more info about the event and participating companies at the official site of event: http://tuliptradeevent.nl/en/

We had an opportunity to visit Borst Bloembollen, one of the largest and oldest tulip farms. This is a very old company, with its roots counting more than hundred years of history. Borst Bloembollen is processing approximately 125 hectares of tulips, each year they are introducing and growing new varieties on the market. The company has branches in West Friesland, Flevoland, the Noord-Oostpolder, Noord-Brabant, France, New Zealand and Chile. Annually they grow 30 million tulips.

The main activity of the company is producing flower bulbs for tulip farms and growers. Other asset is growing tulips for a cut flower market. Half of the production is sold directly to supermarkets and export companies, another half is being sold via FloraHolland auctions. Borst Bloembollen is a proud member of Decorum, www.decorumplantsflowers.com, which is growers association with over sixty selected members, The trademark Decorum Plants&Flowers is famous for its outstanding quality and is available through selected dealers in more than forty countries worldwide.

The process of growing tulips is amazing, and almost 100% is machine operated. All begins with the flower bulb and Borst Bloembollen has its own production which insures the best quality of a future tulip. There are many different requirements on which the quality of the bulb is being measured, diameter, weight, country of origin and the month of harvesting, It takes approximately 30 days to grow the flower from a bulb and one glass house can produce enormous quantity of flowers each day.

After 30 days of growing, tulips are being harvested by hands before packaging

Depending on a variety some tulips are grown on turf, or soil and some on water

After drying, bulbs are being cut, tulip stems being measured, weighed, mixed in bunches, all automated machinery process

Ready for the Auction

Some of the beautiful varieties by Borst Bloembollen

Parrot tulips look gorgeous and are very popular

We are thankful for the beautiful tour at the farm to Paul Bijman, official site of Borst Bloembollen is www.borstbloembollen.nl. If you need more information on a farm or want to visit next Tulip Event, just contact us!

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