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On the Days 11- 12 of January 2017, Dekker Chrysanten had an Open Days and we had a chance to visit it. That was an amazing experience, the greenhouse was full of beautiful flowers and bright colors! We saw not only the chrysanthemums we know and adore, but also tested the new sorts which are not on the market yet and getting to be there in the nearest future.

Dekker Chysanten is one of the largest Chrysanthemum breeders in the World, The company develops and markets new chrysanthemum varieties, has its own production facilities in The Netherlands and Tanzania. The sales offices are located in the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia. Official site -

The Open Day at the company gives a chance for flower farmers to choose chrysanthemums they want to grow at the farm, to discuss the plans for the year, to know more about chrysanthemum varieties. Together with the young plants (cuttings) they will receive from Breeder the knowledge of successful growing, marketing and sales. Besides bestsellers, farms can order new varieties, which have new innovative look, color and shape, stronger and better characteristics as vase life, resistance for diseases etc. Sometimes the market changes and the new product can be extremely profitable and successful. For example, Pompon chrysanthemums are becoming very popular lately, Dekker varieties beautiful pink round pompon Momoko, white ball is PP Ponta and yellow Pompon, still in test - PL84.

For Greenwind it is important to visit The Open Days as it is a great opportunity to get to know the new flower varieties, what is best at the market now and where, from which farm we can buy chrysanthemums we loved the most. Usually, the average chrysanthemum farm grows from 1 to 5 different sorts of chrysanthemums. Some very big farmers, like Zentoo, Arcadia, VHC would grow up to 50 varieties.

We were lucky to see the inside of Dekker warehouse. The process of Breeding is amazing... It takes about 2 years to cultivate new variety and after about a year to test it for sales on the market. The new product also needs to pass tests for a durability, as most of deliveries are made in boxes, without water, so the plant should be strong. Sometimes flowers are transported for up to 5-7 days to the final destination, so all characteristics need to be perfect. In terms of appearance product should be beautiful, well formed, colors bright, petals strong and shiny. Also close attention is paid to the plant itself, not only the flower bud, but leaves should be deep green color and nicely shaped. Important characteristics of a product are the weight of flower, the length of stem, the size of flower bud and maturity stage. Well, when everything is tested it comes the time when product is on the market and final consumer will decide how much did they love it.

We are very thankful for the beautiful tour to Warja Ambrosjeva, marketing manager at Dekker Chrysanten.

The bestsellers from one headed chrysanthemums by Dekker Chrysanten are Aljonka, Antonov, Ksenia, new varieties Wilhelmina, Willem Orange.

From spray Chrysanthemums we loved the most Euro, Zehnya, all colors of Cato.

And our favourite ones are Santinies: Doria, Tedcha, all colors of Macaron.

You can purchase Dekker Chrysanten products from your Dutch flower exporter, including us, or directly from the grower. Also Dekker Selection promo boxes are available via the Flower Auction Royal FloraHolland, the box is recyclable and very attractive, it contains 16 chrysanthemum varieties in it, altogether 80 stems.

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