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If you are searching to buy all your chrysanthemums from one place - "Zentoo" is just the perfect grower for you. With the wide range of assortment, from Single headed disbudded chrysanthemums, to small santinies, they also have the most wide choice of tros chrysanthemums. Altogether there are grown in the farm more than 50 chrysanthemum varieties.

Zentoo is the unite of several growers and nurseries, together they created quality and outstanding brand, All chrysanthemums from Zentoo nurseries are delightful to look at and certainly worth to have them in your shops.

We visited one of the nurseries, Santini grower from Zentoo - Kwekerej Bob van Kester (kwekerej in Dutch means nursery, plantation).

Bob van Kester is growing Santinies, one of chrysanthemum types for all his life, his products are recognizable and gorgeous, the quality is amazing and is the same all year round. He is really passionate about his work and chrysanthemums!

We loved cheerful santini Aurinko, beautiful Santini Doria pink, but... everyone can find something for their taste.

Products from Zentoo are available by the webshop on site , also via Auctions Royal FloraHolland in the Netherlands or if you are straggling how to do it and let professionals to choose and deliver to your door, please contact us or any of the Dutch export company you work with. The prices are almost the same all year round but keep in mind The Women’s day in Russia and Eastern Europe, Mother’s day in UK and Western Europe, during these periods prices on all flowers are sky high...

So..enjoy the photos and hope to hear your feedback! :)

Lovely Santini Doria growing in Zentoo greenhouse

Three main varieties we loved the most! Santini Aurinko, Santini Doria, Santini Doria cherry

Santini Aurinko is so cheerful and is bestseller throughout the year. It is bright yellow, has beautiful shape and brings color and fluffiness to any arrangement. It is joy to watch how it grows in the nursery...

Inside the greenhouse...

It takes about 10--12 weeks for the young plants to give the blooms. It is needed to mention that farmers do not cultivate new varieties and cuttings (young plants) by themselves, it is the work of other companies- breeders. The breeder company is usually makes all supply to the farm, new varieties, young cuttings, etc.

We are thankful for our beautiful guide to the farm - Warja Ambrosjeva, marketing manager at Dekker Chrysanthen.

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