Royal Flora Holland Trade Fair 2016

At November 2-3-4, Royal Flora Holland, held its annual Trade Fair, in Aalsmeer. This years motto of the Exhibition was "The Future is Now", and indeed it is, with all the novelties, innovations in farming and cultivation, the new varieties , and the new, modern presentation of products.

FloraHolland Trade Fair is one of the biggest flower exhibitions in the world. This year Trade Fair had more then 16 000 visitors, including all sorts of flower industry professionals,. In numbers there were 735 exhibitors from different counties, including 470 plant growers, 150 flower growers, 50 breeders, nine trading companies and another 56 "added value" services. The total volume of the venue was 25 000 square meters, it was held at the biggest Auction premises- Flora Holland Aalsmeer.

The exhibition was interesting and informative not only for breeders and growers, but for flower exporters and distributors. The main target was to inform and acknowledge with the products the florists. Florists came all around the world. In total there were participants from almost all the counties.

For Greenwind it was the first exhibition in Aalsmeer and we were impressed with the volumes and beauty which was around.

It was a good opportunity to meet with the growers of the popular products which we usually by via the Auction, to know more about the current and new varieties they grow. It would be necessary to say that all growers are keen to meet with their customers and eager to talk about their passion - the farms/ greenhouses and flowers they grow.

Also the Fair gives a chance to see and learn the new products, to meet with new concepts of the flower presentation and arrangement.

And this is what about the next pictures, farmers are working constantly on improving their products, not only they want their products to have a long vase life, have a better quality, to look perfect, but also work on the image of the product. This include simplifying the logistics and variety of packaging. All of them have a fresh, modern, stylish presentation of products, starting from the packaging of a single item to the export boxes for logistics finishing with the attractive labels on a products.

We fell in love with the #pricklycollection of the cactus grower "Edelcactus". Succulents look adorable!

Also Smit Nursury's had a great collection of Cactus in a jar, we found this idea Fantastic!

Always the same perfect quality all year round from farm Beyond chrysanthemum. Beautiful Zembla and Baltica chrysants in the stylish boxes can be delivered worldwide.

Always beautiful quality from "Florius", international grower of Hypericum and Veronica.

Gorgeous installation by bonsai grower "Oriental"

Beautiful orchid concept "Pulsation" from Orchid nursery "Sion".

The Flora Holland House of opportunities was open for questions and enquiries and held interesting presentations for flower buyers and florists.

The Future is Now, with all the social media and simple logistics - all beautiful products from Dutch and international flower growers can be delivered worldwide in a matter of moment. So...till next time!

Link to the Royal Flora Holland blog about the Trade Fair 2016

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