Meet Flower Expo in Moscow

From 13 to 15th of September Moscow held its annual flower fair - Flower Expo. Flower Expo is an international flower exhibition which takes place every year in different countries. Russian flower market is constantly growing and is interesting for growers and flower exporting companies. During exhibition we had a chance to see beautiful flowers from all around the world, from Netherlands, Italy, Germany,France, Columbia , Ecuador, Kenya and even Japan and Thailand. Of course, for us the most important part was meetings with growers - to see new products and varieties they grow, to talk about plans and challenges. Most of the growers were from Netherlands and from Latin America. They all say about positive changes in Russian market, increasing trade via internet sources, ease of logistics and interest in novelties. Russian market is one of the largest importer and consumer of flowers. The experts include it in the top six leading countries in consumption and import of all kinds of cut flowers after the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France.. The main suppliers of flowers are the Netherlands (44% of the market) and South American countries. The consumers opinion about Flower trade fair is positive and consumption is growing, though there are some difficulties due to euro - rouble rate. Overall there are many positive changes. And international fair is another step for possibilities. FloraHolland (see one of our previous blogs about FloraHolland auction) was present at the Fair with the beautiful installation - Home of opportunities. And indeed it is. Amazing how flowers come to another part of the world and amazing that we can be part of this process.

Royal Flora Holland's House of opportunities

Beautiful roses from Ecuador

Dekker Chrysanthen stand. Dekker is a chrysantemum breeder from the Netherlands, they brought to Moscow exhibition their bestsellers as Antonov, Bacardi together with new chrysanthemum varieties as Madiba and Wilgelmina.

Deliflor Chrysanthen stand. Deliflor is a chrysanthemum breeding company, see our previous blog about varieties they breed. New variety - Magnum, was presented at the Moscow Fair, we guess it was a big success :)

Deliflor Chrysanthen stand

Zentoo, is one of the largest Chrysanthemum grower in The Netherlands was also present at the exhibition. Zentoo has a wide assortment of tros chrysanthemums and always is open for new varieties.

Beautiful garden roses from Columbian farm Alexandra Farms. Pictured here Juliet, one of the varieties from David Austin roses.

Stand of Alexandra Farms was the most fragrant one!

Alstromeria from Andes is perfect...

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