Meet the grower - Arcadia Chrysanten

Last week we had a chance to visit Arcadia Chrysanten farm and it was an amazing experience!

Arcadia is specialised in producing of bunched and single headed chrysanthemums. Each year the farm produces 50 million branches of high quality cut flowers. The range has particularly expanded with the single head varieties, adding seasonal species depending on time of the year.

The farm won the Glazen Tulp (Glass Tulip) Award in the cut flower category for the two last years. This prize is awarded annually to the most beautiful new cut flower of the year by FloraHolland.

In January this year, Arcadia won the prize "International Grower of the year 2016" in Essen, Germany.

This prize was given regarding the innovative process in greenhouse and the quality of products farm produce.

Arcadia has five locations with total area of 20 hectares. Three greenhouses are in De Lier and one in Kwintsheul. The fifth location is in De Kwakel, just below Aalsmeer flower auction.

All locations are close to FloraHolland largest distribution centres.

Products delivered and auctioned at all FloraHolland auctions: Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Eelde and the florist clock at FloraHolland Naaldwijk. Chrysanthemums also sold in Plantion Flower Auction in Ede and the Rhein Maas Auction in Straelen ,Germany.

The most recognisable products are: Anastasia, Anastasia Sunny, Anastasia Green, Rossano, ,Antonov, Onarida, Zembla, Aljonka, Momoko and many other chrysanthemums.

We met with one of the owners, Rene Eikelenboom to have a tour in greenhouse.

The greenhouse is equipped with all the latest technology. The work of robots and human is side by side to insure the best results. They use eco-friendly ways to protect plants and solar energy for power savings.

While in the farm, we saw the process of harvesting Anastasia and Anastasia sunny and we have learned the secret of one-headed chrysanthemums.

It appears that all chrysanthemums in the beginning are multi headed. It is necessary to cut the rest of the heads of the flower while still in bud, leaving only one. The plant will give all the energy to only one bloom. The flower will grow big and reveal the beauty of the chrysanthemum. This is a fairly time-consuming process, and explains the more expensive price of one-headed chrysanthemums.

But.. enjoy the pictures!

Rene Eikelenboom and Bart van Ruyven, growers of Arcadia.

It all starts with Chrysanthemum cuttings. Some of them from Chrysanthemum breeder Dekker Chrysanth, some from breeder Deliflor Chrysanth (see our previous blog!)

It takes from 10 to 12 weeks from cuttings to give the first flowers

René Eikelenboom explains the process of forming a one-headed chrysanthemum

The greenhouse is full with beautiful Anastasia

Arcadia uses only ecologically friendly solutions to sustain the health of plants. On picture is a suck with tiny insects which maintain balance on the farm, including thrips.

Anastasia Sunny

Chrysanthemum Magnum is a new variety. It is on the market only for few months, since March 2016, but became very popular among the florists. It is perfect for bridal arrangements. We love its fresh green heart and hundreds of delicate petals.

Chrysanthemum Antonov.

Chrysanthemum Magnum

We are thankful to Team Arcadia for a tour in your beautiful farm!

Official site Arcadia Chrysanten :

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