Deliflor Chrysanten

On the week 12-17th of June, Deliflor Chrysanthen had an open days for their customers, growers and buyers and we were lucky to visit it.

Deliflor is one of the largest chrysanthemum breeder worldwide. That is where chrysanthemum growers take an inspiration and discover new varieties to grow. The Deliflor assortment consists of spray chrysanthemums, single head chrysanthemums and Santinis and includes more than 300 different cultivars. The company produces cuttings and issues licences for cut flower production.

"All over the world, we inspire consumers who buy our chrysanthemums with the many varieties we offer. Acquainting them with the latest trends and uses is making Deliflor the largest chrysanthemum breeder in the world. It is a family business with a hands-on mentality that strives for perfection"

Growers from all over the world visited the open days to see and explore the new varieties

The most enlightening tour about chrysanthemum varieties with Lejla Begovic, Marketing Manager, Deliflor Chrysanten.

Each chrysant variety is a brand and has its own recognisable name, has its own market and consumers.

There were Bestsellers...

Including Zembla - one of the Deliflor's most recognisable product

While we fell in love with the delicate colour of new varieties which are not on the market yet!

That is unbelievable process of breeding...

Link to official site Deliflor Chrysanten:

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