Meet the grower - Beyond chrysants

Beyond Chrysant is an old, family run business, it first was established in 1938.

Traditional principles served by innovative technologies: this is a good description of how Beyond works. Beyond gives the plants the best possible growing conditions and then cool their flowers immediately after harvest. This ensures first-class quality with a guarantee on freshness.

The main products are: Zembla, Baltica yellow, Baltica.

Zembla: This white variety with rich double flowers is uniform in colour with a green heart and very attractive dark green leaves. Zembla is a robust chrysanthemum which has been developed as cut flower for in the vase. Although a member of a relatively young generation of chrysanthemums, it is already a well-established variety.

Baltica yellow: This splendid yellow chrysanthemum does credit to its genus. In fact, the botanical name 'Chrysanthemum' could be translated literally as 'golden flower'. The somewhat tapered flowers of this variety remain in flower for a long time. On average, the cut stem of the Baltica Yellow variety is 80 centimetres in length and weighs around 90 grams

Baltica: On its way through the supply chain the white Baltica chrysanthemum has proven to be extremely robust and is therefore a real guarantee of success.. Its flowers can reach a diameter of up to 10 centimetres.

Meet the family:


Running everything as efficiently as possible and keeping everyone at Beyond happy so they enjoy what they're doing: that's what makes my day. It gives me a good feeling to be helping my employees bring out the best in themselves. It's also one of my biggest challenges in managing the business. After all, it's only when our team puts in its best performance that the final results will be fantastic.


Growing plants is my passion. Even as a little boy I was involved with plants and animals. Biology was my favourite subject in secondary school. How the natural world works – it still amazes me. My challenge now is to produce the very best chrysanthemums. At the same time, every grower wants to make a profit, and I'm no different. That's why I spend the whole day keeping track of the development of our chrysanthemums. What our customers want from us is access to the most beautiful chrysanthemums. And I like making their wish come true. My ultimate goal is to have our chrysanthemums make the consumers who buy them happy.


I ensure the beauty of our flowers by giving them the very best care I can. This means keeping a close eye on their growth process every day. So it's just as well that I live next to our greenhouse in Hook of Holland where I see out over the fields. I'm also responsible for running the cultivation process as efficiently as possible. After all, every stage of it has an impact on the final result. And that has to be simply impeccable.

"Eighty years of expertise in a single family: this is Beyond. We were raised in the greenhouse where we could watch how our father went about his work from year to year. Beginning with the know-how and craftsmanship of our forefathers, we added our own innovations. This is how our family and our extended family of employees, have continued their tradition of creating new, even stronger generations of chrysanthemums year after year."

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