Peony grower - Kwekerij E.J.P. Witteman

The most popular bloom during the late spring - early summer is Peony.

Meet the grower - Kwekerij E. J, P. Witteman. The farm is situated in the province of Drenthe, The Netherlands, in a quiet village De Wilp. The owners - Ed and Greet Witteman started growing their peonies in 1990's. The farm, a family owned business, was left to Ed from his father. Some fields from that time are used for peonies, some for other flower varieties. Nowadays he and his wife, are growing the most attractive sorts: Sarah Bernard, Karl Rossenfild, Flame, supplying the biggest flower auctions in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg and the local auction in Eelde.

Peony growing process is taking two years, for two years of hard work, the peony season doesn't last long. The season this year started a week earlier than last spring, Due to weather conditions you need to adapt the process, says Ed, if you wait for too long, and if the sun is high, the temperature increases, making flowers start blooming and opening. Mr Witterman knows exactly when to harvest: too early and the bloom will never open, too late- it wouldn't satisfy the customers needs.

We saw the process of harvesting and preparing for customers at the auction. Amazing, how much efforts and work behind gorgeous peonies we love so much.

As a grower Mr. Witteman is passionate about his job and loves working in the field. We loved his farm and awed by the beautiful flowrers he grows. The view of fields with thousands of peonies is breath-taking

Ed Witteman while harvesting Sarah Bernard.

Young plants are awaiting 2 years on the field, before they mature for flowers..

Harvesting period is short and every single day is important, weather is most unpredictable in the Netherlands and its a man work with the Nature to deliver the most quality product to customers.

We are very grateful for E.J..P. Witteman farm for a visit and sharing the passion for peonies with us!


Even this small puppy from the farm knows how to take good care of peonies :)

Even the dogs at the farm know how to take good care of flowers!

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