More about FloraHolland, the worlds biggest flower auction

FloraHolland, the worlds biggest flower auction is a growers union, originated from a number of mergers starting from 1987. Though the history of locations has started long time ago. For instance, the oldest and the biggest FloraHolland auction in Aalsmeer was first founded in 1911.

FloraHolland is a flower auction located in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk and Eelde. Together, the auction houses are home to the largest flower auction in the world. That is where wholesale flower exporters are buying their flowers and plants from.

Royal FloraHolland is a conglomerate of auctions of cut flowers and plants . That is where wholesale flower exporters are buying their flowers and plants from. From the Year 2016 Flora Holland gain the title Royal as it is existing for more then 100 years so far. The organisation of its kind the world's largest and handles more than 90% of the Dutch trade in those products. The company has five locations, 38 auction clocks, a national agency and 3050 employees, is active in the Netherlands and abroad.

The export auctions are located in Aalsmeer , Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. There is also an auction for the domestic market in Eelde and florists clock in Naaldwijk. FloraHolland focuses on the 24/7 trading and is active in all locations.

The organisation is a cooperative and is therefore owned by its members - growers. Royal FloraHolland works nonprofit and brings supply and demand together.

Growers, based in the Netherlands and abroad, bring flowers and plants to the Auction. Here, the products are stored in cold storage until the time of auctioning has arrived. Before auctioning the products are inspected by inspectors. These assures the flowers and plants are fresh and matured, not damaged and ready for sale. There are four grades of product quality, from best to worse, of A1, A2, B1 and, finally, B2. Every day from six o'clock in the morning the Auction starts in the auction room . In this room are buyers, and flowers and plants on large trolleys along with the auction clock . Each clock has an auctioneer who manages the auction process. The auctioneer opens the bidding with a starting price, it falls down as long as one of the buyers pushes on the purchase button. The clock indicates the price at which the lot was purchased.

Video over the FLoraHolland auction

The auction by itself is an amazing process and worth visiting. Each auction is offering a tour for tourists almost every day, except weekends.

Below are the pictures from flower Aucton in Eelde

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